• SNSF Scientific Image Competition: “Materialised history”

    CLEFNI has participated in the Scientific Image Competition by the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF)!

    Here is the first of the five entries by CLEFNI, which are displayed on the official Flickr gallery of the SNSF.

    This photo shows different types of documents of the Uebeschi-Chor Bern, a men’s choir founded in 1882. On the foreground, one sees the golden cover of the choir’s 25th jubilee volume. On the top middle are three of the six massive volumes that describe the choir’s history from 1882 to 2012. On the bottom right, one sees the inner part of one of these volumes. The upper left side shows part of a picture of 1884.

  • Cäcilienverein der Stadt Bern

    During the 19th century, most of the choirs of the city of Bern were men’s choirs. Nonetheless, there were also mixed choirs.

    The Cäcilienverein der Stadt Bern (Society of Saint Cecilia of the City of Bern), founded in 1862, was probably the most famous. Renamed Oratorienchor Bern in 1973, nowadays it is the oldest mixed choir in the city of Bern.

  • CLEFNI goes on!

    Despite the coronavirus, CLEFNI’s work continues, but at home.

    Early March the first milestone of the project has been achieved: data collection regarding the choral life in Bern has been completed. The next phase would be the collection of data in archives of choral societies in Fribourg. However, this task had to be postponed, since all archives and libraries are closed. CLEFNI’s researcher is, therefore, using this period of isolation to read the many books, articles, and documents that she has been collecting!

    Here are two documents of the celebrations of the 700th anniversary of the founding of the city of Bern in 1891.

    Firstly, the front page of the score of the “Dramatisches Festspiel” composed by Carl Munzinger for the occasion. Around 800 persons took part in the performance of this Festspiel, including several choral societies of the city and the canton Bern.

    Secondly, the book cover of the official album with drawings of the historical parade, which took place as part of the festivities.

    Are you curious to know what’s in this album? Take a look at the digitalised version provided by the Swiss National Library.

  • Cantonal Singing Festival in Bern in 1881

    Admission ticket to the Cantonal Singing Festival in Bern, which was organised in 1881 by the men’s choirs Berner Liedertafel, Berner Männerchor, and Liederkranz Bern.

  • Berner Liedertafel

    The men’s choir Berner Liedertafel was founded in 1845. Here is the first page of the programme of the banquet-concert to celebrate its 50th anniversary in 1895.

  • Liederkranz Bern

    Programme of one of the festive events to mark the 50th anniversary of the men’s choir Liederkranz Bern, founded in 1849:

  • The Swiss National Library

    The collections of the Swiss National Library in Bern contain treasures of Swiss history, including numerous archives of choral societies.

    Its infrastructure is excellent, its staff friendly and competent: an ideal place for research! 

  • CLEFNI’s website launched

    CLEFNI’s fully trilingual website is now online!

    Find out the aims of this research project, the researchers involved in its development, as well as publications and events related to it.

    Die Berner Liedertafel 1850 im alten Casino. Lithographie von Ernst Neubauer del. Staatsarchiv des Kantons Bern, Signatur: T.D. Personen 57.

    La Société de Chant de la Ville de Fribourg, 1891. Photographie de Ernest Lorson. Bibliothèque cantonale et universitaire Fribourg, No RERO R007582425
  • Here we go!

    CLEFNI has officially started! 

    First step: investigate the archives of choral societies of the city of Bern in the 19th century.