Deutscher Männerchor Freiburg

This 1897 image of the Deutsche Männerchor Freiburg (German Male Choir Freiburg) leads one to believe that this choir was simply founded in 1889. Yet, its early years were more eventful than that.

The choir was actually founded in 1878 under the name Union des Ateliers du chemin de fer Fribourg (Union of Railway Workshops Fribourg).

In 1889 the choir revised its statutes, abandoned its link with the railway workshop, and changed its name to Deutscher Männerchor Freiburg.

Twelve years later, in 1901, the Deutsche Männerchor Freiburg and the Deutsche gemischte Chor Freiburg merged into one singing society with two sections — a men’s choirs and a mixed choir — under the common name Deutscher gemischter Chor und Männerchor Freiburg.

Finally, in 1927 the society was renamed Gemischter Chor und Männerchor Freiburg (Mixed Choir and Male Choir Freiburg).