Société Cantonale des Chanteurs Fribourgeois

The Société Cantonale des Chanteurs Fribourgeois (Cantonal Singing Society of Fribourg) was founded in Estavayer-le-Lac in October 1849. It held its second meeting in Fribourg on 18 May 1851. The choral societies of Fribourg, Estavayer, Chiètres/Kerzers, Fräschels, Morat/Murten and Lourtens/Lurtigen took part in this festival. The Berner Liedertafel was the special guest. On its performance, Louis Ruffieux wrote one hundred years later: 

“The highlight of the festival in Fribourg on 18 May was the participation of the « Liedertafel » of Bern which, preceded by two bears, paraded through our city in elegant harnessed carriages, decorated with the colours of the federal city.”