SNSF Scientific Image Competition: “My favourite puzzle”

Third of the five entries by CLEFNI, displayed on the official Flickr gallery of the SNSF Scientific Image Competition:

Collecting historical data is detective work. Finding the traces of something that has happened centuries ago demands not only deduction skills and critical thinking but also a lot of patience. For when you find the traces, this is where the puzzle begins. Deciphering ancient handwriting can be challenging, but it is a thrilling puzzle. I took this picture while solving one of the Kurrentschrift-puzzles of my EU-H2020 project “CLEFNI – The choral life in the cities of Bern and Fribourg in the long 19th century”.
This photo shows an excerpt of the statutes of the men’s choir Berner Liedertafel (founded in 1845), which is written in Kurrentschrift, an old form of German handwriting. The document is held by the Archive of the City of Bern.