Digital annual report of the University of Bern

The 2019 annual report of the University of Bern has been published in digital format for the first time. It presents the University’s major accomplishments in a multimedia format.

In the Research section, CLEFNI is one of the highlights:

Bern as a destination for new talent from abroad

The University of Bern is also highly respected by ambitious postdocs from abroad, who have to apply for international grants in order to carry out a project at the University of Bern. Forty-two early career researchers applied for coveted EU fellowships in 2019 – an all-time high. Given that there are only enough funds to finance 12 to 14 percent of the applications received, these grants are extremely competitive. In a survey conducted by the Vice-Rectorate Research, postdocs indicated that the University of Bern is the perfect place for their research project. For example: Dr. Caiti Hauck from Brazil began in 2019 her fellowship project “CLEFNI: The choral life in the cities of Bern and Fribourg in the long nineteenth century” at the Institute of Musicology. She is looking into the question of how, at the emergence of the modern federal state in the 19th century, male choirs in Fribourg and in Bern promoted linguistic and religious integration.